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Fantastic visibility at Sail Rock, with a visit from a Whale Shark making it a special day!

This week has seen the fantastic Sail Rock make a stunning return to form after weeks of lower than average visibility.

For the past few days conditions have been steadily improving, and with visibility reaching close to 30m around most of the rock, the abundant marine life has made for a stunning spectacle.

Things went from good to better today with the appearance of this year's first Whale Shark, which not only put in an appearance, but actually stayed around for the duration of the trip.

Whale Shark at Sail Rock - 27th March 2012Whale Shark at Sail Rock - 27th March 2012

Thankfully staff member Gavin had his cameras at the ready, enhancing the likelihood of identifying this individual via the Ecocean Whale Shark Project.

The spot patterns have been "mapped" and submitted for scanning for both left and right sides, with results expected within a few days.

To view the details of this Whale Shark on the Ecocean website, please follow this link.